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The case for a behaviour survey

Jenna Price’s personal attack on Tom Bennett

New South Wales is looking for a behaviour adviser

Feedback Loops

Cognitive load theory’s effects and their use in the classroom

Quality Teaching Rounds is not the solution

Structure, balance and other excuses

Sustaining school improvement

researchED is back in Sydney

Moments of truth

Is 'structured' or 'enhanced' discovery learning effective?

Dr. David Armstrong's solution to the teacher shortage

Time traveling with the Tony Blair Institute

Binary thinking

Peter Sullivan is wrong about maths education

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Evidence for Project Based Learning

Clarendon is recruiting

Are you a good teacher?

Is beats ought

I need an academic home

How DARE you provide ME with LesSoN PLanS!

Teachers union rolls over on suspensions and expulsions

Explicit teaching is highly interactive

The motivational impact of the mundane

Dancing around the behaviour crisis

Are all curriculums knowledge based?

All in the mind

The bummed out generation

Do not think of a white bear

21st Century Knowledge

What is science?

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A Little Guide for Teachers: Cognitive Load Theory

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It takes humility to grapple with the details

How to fix the teacher shortage

The revolution has only just begun

Advocates for full inclusion strike back

The boy who chose not to study literature

Do you support 'segregation'?

Teachers: Let's talk about inclusion

Is Australia about to waste a lot of money on preschool?

Activists fall out of love with Ronald Sackville

The Curse of the Generalists

A return to 'minimal guidance'

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To be included

New podcast with Judith Hochman

So long ,Tanya Plibersek

The school of kittens and sunshine

Replacing the Ellipsis

Hattie, The Education Endowment Foundation and meta-analysis

We don’t need no education

The IKEA effect

Eddie Woo and me talk maths teaching

Criticism of teacher education is not criticism of teachers

Direct Instruction Works

School culture

What explains declining senior mathematics enrolments in Australia?

It could have been worse, I suppose

The view from the top of Mount Buninyong

Work with me at Clarendon

How do we persuade more senior students to take advanced mathematics?

Jim Al-Khalili and the curse of knowledge

Have more rigorous exams caused a decline in life satisfaction in the United Kingdom?

Is Reading Recovery reaching the end of the line?

The start of class

Notes on a cancellation attempt

Why most education research is rubbish


Five minutes is a long time

The experts we need

Talking maths with Eddie Woo in Sydney

The Australian Election is on

$5000 per hour

Rise of the technoprogs

Struggle and the rote memorisation of facts

Australia's secret new curriculum

What was your teacher education like?

New South Wales government publishes attack on Cognitive Load Theory

Can schools be improved?

Stuart Robert is right

Fireworks at The Age Schools Summit

Hunter Biden's laptop

Dud teachers and red herrings

The death of PowerPoint?

Why I will not be helping ACARA

How data can inform teaching

The Filling the Pail podcast

Reading is a human right

What can we do about cancel culture?

The demise of Teacher Talk Radio

Higher-order thinking and all that guff

Initial Teacher Education

Teacher training review findings leaked to Sydney Morning Herald

The red-tape solution

Wasting money and wasting time

Peter Sullivan and the draft mathematics curriculum

Guess what’s in my head

Pandemic and the politics of education

An exchange of emails with Dr. Danielle Colenbrander

We need to teach knowledge, not 'thinking skills'

Motivated Reading and other peculiarities

Education’s trolley problem

Zoe Lyons on the phonics check

Response to Bowers

Richard Branson and The Times Most Very Serious Education Commission

Decoding the 'Phonics Only' claim

Wolsey, not Wellesley

Has synthetic phonics been demolished?

The infuriating usefulness of behaviourism

Are teachers making the same mistake as parents?

The Silverton Papers

Amateurs tell us how to teach, again

New evidence that guided play beats direct instruction in the early years

P is for paradox

Throwing the kitchen sink at reading

When direct instruction is less effective

Your mind is not like a computer

Critical thinker, heal yourself