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Who's afraid of evolutionary educational psychology?

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English Cricket

The crisis of rationality

Out of our heads

A revolution in teaching methods

Practical People

Stay in your lane

What even is the mind?

Tessellated with good intentions

Are education faculties out of touch?

Pincer Movement

Is PISA irrelevant because students don’t try?

Inquiry learning in the science classroom

When education is a top political issue for more than 50% of voters

The birth of a new myth

Sowing division, and other distractions

Born good

Beyond the culture war lies a bold set of proposals

The limits of science

Explicit teaching and teacher training

Cognitive load theory's flaws?

Is cognitive load theory just like brain gym?

How do you solve a problem like Hans Freudenthal?

Does progressive education exist?

The knowledge-rich curriculum fad

The school that experimented with diversity training

Has a six-year-old mystery been solved?

Research on exclusions is not working

Should Dark Emu be taught in schools?

The critical thinking crisis

A model of explicit teaching in the maths classroom

What even is a domain?

Are you a medieval teacher?

Educational Progressivism

Newton was wrong!

The Explicit / Inquiry Binary

The problem with inquiry learning

The rebellion against inquiry learning gathers pace

John Sweller demolishes inquiry learning

EduResearch Matters, but not as much as the narrative

The Education Endowment Foundation's Toolkit is a complete mess

How do we encourage more science and maths graduates?

Regulating teacher training in Australia

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is the new Learning Styles

England's Chartered College of Teaching finds its "why"

Hold on to your GCSEs

Spinning cognitive science?

Maths education experts on a mission

Dueling Papers

A small victory

A right to teach?

Mathematics education experts

Improving Australia's standardised assessments

A return to progress

In plain sight

A better deal for new teachers


School choice

Ontario's new Year 9 Mathematics curriculum

Science Fictions

Listen to me on the wireless

Cognitive Load Misinformation


The Cyclops

Open letter about the draft Australian mathematics curriculum

The draft Australian science curriculum is even worse than mathematics one

The Ashes of Mathematics Education

Wild-eyed conspiracy theories

Argument from lack of authority

Why calculators are in the picture

Is cognitive load theory self-refuting?

Are you sitting comfortably?

What’s wrong with the new Australian Curriculum

Knowing what and knowing how

Quality Teaching Rounds

Just like Singapore, right?

France is Bacon

Initial thoughts on draft Australian Curriculum

Back to the future with discovery learning

The Age School Summit

Telling teachers what to do

The Acronym and Initialism Barrier (AIB)

'Neotraditionalists' under attack?

Experiential learning in Alberta

If all you’ve got is name-calling then you have my pity

The bitter battle for Alberta

New South Wales have just (re)invented constructivist maths teaching

The teaching union and the pressure group

New evidence in favour of standardised tests

A right to professional comment

Mathematical problems, explained

Does explicit teaching harm creativity and curiosity?

The Verdict

Leave the boss out of it

researchED Curriculum

Guy Claxton's new myths

The swinging pendulum of school exclusions

The mathematics we need

A nudge from Tudge

Does all the evidence favour dialogic teaching?

Obfuscating transfer

Decolonising Math is Rooted in a Decades-Old Conflict

Philosophy for Children does not work

Freedom to teach versus freedom of speech

Masters’ Thesis

Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking

Why Scott Alexander is wrong about schools

Observing teachers

Academic wellbeing

Structured word inquiry

Guaranteed success

Educational drudgery

The knowledge-building myth?

On being a free speech disappointment

On being honest to children

Why teachers and parents should be concerned about Critical Race Theory